Sunday, October 4, 2009

From ASQ to ABCs

Recently, I met up with the good docs at Descanso Pediatrics in La Canada, CA.

In addition to sharing about what I do in my work with young children and families, which focuses primarily on social and emotional development, I asked them about ways they help to make sure the infants and toddlers who come to them are on a healthy developmental path.

One of their answers? Three little letters: ASQ.

ASQ, or the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, is something I use regularly as well. It is an excellent developmental screening tool broken down by age, from 1 to 66-months.

By asking parents a number of questions (which only takes 10-15 minutes to answer), the ASQ allows us to see how a child is doing within a number of areas: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social.

Why is it so crucial to do regular developmental screenings for your child?

High-quality tools such as the ASQ enable us to catch and address problems or delays early. The sooner your child gets further evaluation and any needed extra support and services, the sooner he or she can get back to where he should be.

Remember, every child is different and normal development happens within a range.

To ensure that your young child reaches his or her potential now and moving forward toward learning his ABCs, developmental screenings are essential.

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