Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rebirth of the Blog

It’s been a busy time since my family and I relocated to the beautiful Pacific Northwest last May. Which means, as some of you may have noticed, that I’ve taken a break from the blog.

Well, the good news is that after setting up a new home, new private practice, and with a baby on the way, things are actually slowing down enough so that I can now get back to doing things like posting on the blog. Yes, the blog is back!

Speaking of all the busy-ness that’s been going on, and our family’s preparations for further monumental changes in the near future, I’ve been thinking a lot about how parents are able to juggle the day-to-day demands of family life. So many families I know struggle with maintaining order in the home, getting kids to activities all over town, and staying connected and close.

Some important things to remember:
•Be willing to slow down – Now that it’s summer, not rushing off to the next activity. Signing your child up for one less thing.
•Ask for help – If you are overwhelmed or stressed by everything you have to do, is there a family member or friend who can come over and help with the kids or with that gardening or organizational project you’ve been wanting to get done?
•Enjoy low-key (non-stressful) family activities in the local area, such as going to the park; making good food and enjoying regular mealtimes together; and so forth.

This time of year is an ideal time to slow down and do less, so I encourage all you busy parents and families to remember to do just that!

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